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Does your artwork have less than 4 colors with minimal shading, such as a logo, text, or vector art? And do you want at least 24 shirts? If so, Screen Printing may be for you.

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Do you want to print a photograph or artwork that contains more than 4 colors? Or do you want to purchase a small number of shirts? If so, Direct to Garment may be your best option.

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  • Large quantities of shirts (at least 25).
  • Artwork, logos and text consisting of 6 colors or less.
  • Designs requiring exact color-matching.
  • Long-lasting, highest quality prints.
  • Supply us with your artwork and we’ll mix the inks to match the colors in your design and create the screens. You can also choose from one of our existing designs, or work with our designers to have custom artwork developed for you.
  • Once the screens are created, a single color ink is added to each. The screens are then carefully aligned in our state-of-the-art printing press.
  • During the printing, the inks are pushed through the screens onto your shirt.
  • After printing, the shirts are run through a dryer so the inks can set properly.
  • The entire process can be completed and your shirts delivered in less than a week.
  • Because of the process, we do require a minimum of 25 shirts per order.
  • We keep your screens for 3 months (unless other arrangements are made) to help reduce costs for future, repeat orders.
  • Our pricing is determined by the number of inks required, as well as the style and the number of shirts you want.
  • To see the available options and to request a quote, take a look at our order request form.




  • Small quantities of shirts (no minimum order requirement).
  • Full color artwork or photographs.
  • Designs that do not require exact color-matching. Note: Results usually have softer lines – for a bolder look with sharp edges and crisp lettering, screen printing is a better option.
  • Small budgets; It’s generally less expensive unless you’re ordering very large quantities (high volume can make screen printing more cost-effective).
  • Supply us with your artwork, choose one of our existing designs, or work with our designers to have something created specifically for you. We’ll then upload it onto a computer connected to our DTG printer.
  • Next, we set the shirt on a frame within the printer so your design will be set at the desired location on your shirt.
  • During the printing, the inks are applied directly onto the shirt using a inkjet technology and our DTG printer.
  • Finally, we use a heat press to set the image permanently in place on your shirt.
  • Because the Direct to Garment printing process is much quicker, the turnaround time can be as little as a few days for your order.
  • Our pricing is determined by the type of shirt you select and the size of the design you want printed.
  • To see the available options and to request a quote, take a look at the our order request form.


A Sample of Direct To Garment Printing

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What can INSANE TEES do for you?

Step through the process below to see the available shirts, colors, and design layouts. To request a quote, use the form to supply us with your choices, the type of printing you want, and a digital file if you're supplying your own artwork. We'll respond within 24 hours with a quoted price. 


Below is a Custom Shirt Request Form. Simply step through the selection process and then submit your quote request. A representative will contact you with a detailed quote and pricing options along with payment and delivery options

  • Select the shirt style from the options above.
  • Select the color and size of the shirt you want.
  • Select the logo of your choice.
  • Select the layout you like and submit your order.


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